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The Financial Times, 21 March 2022

"Originally made in 1923, this 5'10.75" grand has been completely rebuilt, with new keys to replace the original ivory ones, new strings and mechanical action. The cast-iron frame has been resprayed and the original mahogany veneer replaced with a high-gloss black finish. Its appearance is strikingly elegant, but it's the meticulous attention to the internal workings that gives the piano its ravishing sound."

Description of a 1923 Steinway Model O grand piano rebuilt by
Grand Passion Pianos


The Mayfair Times, May 2022

"If you decide to splash out on one of these expertly-rebuilt pianos - which are priced between £14,000 and £85,000 - depending on size and rarity, it is likely to be the last piano you will ever own."

Alexander Jeffries, Purchaser of a 1911 Steinway Model O Grand Piano

"We were about to purchase a modern Steinway grand piano when we learnt about Grand Passion Pianos and had an opportunity to try their instruments. We fell in love with a 1911 Steinway which has the most profound, ravishing tone and a rebuilt action which performs every bit as well as a new piano. The quality control processes and the attention to detail is second to none, as is the set up and voicing of the pianos."

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