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Pleyel modele D - Chopin Impromptu
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audio sample of a 1896 Pleyel grand piano restored by Grand Passion Pianos

Innovating, pioneering, researching, setting new standards and striving every day to create

the world's best rebuilt pianos.

Fully independent expertise and experience.

All piano images on this website are of our pianos. 

Our pianos are available to view at our showroom in central London. Call or email us to schedule your visit or drop in on Tuesday - Thursday during open viewings hours. 

Not all pianos are recreated equal...


Creating a truly great piano requires ambition, persistence, know-how, commitment and savoire-faire. We never compromise. By engaging the most experienced master craftsmen, choosing the finest, high quality components from around the world and spending up to one year on each piano, we offer instruments which provide exceptional musical performance and are beautiful to look at. Our pianos have been played by Leslie Howard, Konstantin Lapshin, Jayson Gillham, Daniel Grimwood and many other professional pianists. Find out more about us here.

A Penchant for Precision


Did you know that there are around 12,000 components in a grand piano? 

Our interactive graphic on the left shows a single key and action mechanism on a grand piano illustrating some of the complexities of piano design. 

Pianos truly are marvels of engineering.

Revolutionary bass strings

Exclusive innovations and technology

We use a revolutionary new type of bass string. Made exclusively for Grand Passion Pianos, using four different types of metal our nickel plated bass strings offer a new standard in piano bass response and will never rust.


These bass strings resonate with the fullest amount of the fundamental of the tone, even in baby grand pianos. As a result, even shorter grand pianos can sound like top performance instruments whilst larger grand pianos offer a new level of sonic performance.

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"We were incredibly fortunate to find such a unique and well restored Steinway piano with Grand Passion Pianos.  It looks and sounds fantastic.  The service provided by Muzz and the team was also impeccable and we would gladly recommend Grand Passion Pianos to our dearest friends and family”.  

Mr. And Mrs. Sikkens, Buckinghamshire

“I chose to buy from Grand Passion Pianos because I found their pianos to be finer than any others I explored. Not only are their pianos exceptional musical instruments, but they also offer a range of stunning custom casework finishes; both modern and traditional. Their knowledge of piano history and componentry is encyclopaedic. They offered a personalised service, partnering with me, discussing my requirements and recommending the perfect pianos for me as well as being available seven days a week and in the evenings, which is very convenient. Whilst I found that Grand Passion Pianos is very much aware of original methods of construction for the makes they specialise in, I was impressed by their ability to incorporate new technology where appropriate. For example, the Pleyel 6’6” piano that I bought from Grand Passion Pianos was the first piano in the UK to use bronze bass strings – a great improvement over traditional copper wound bass strings with a warm, deep and clear sound."

Farshad Tahmasebi, purchaser of two pianos from Grand Passion Pianos

“If you're a serious musician it's not just about buying a piano, it's about finding an instrument that links with you in a musical, spiritual way so that when you play it you almost become at one with it. In my case the piano found me. As soon as I touched the keys and played my amazing instrument I knew I'd found my 'one'. Without the support and help of of Grand Passion Pianos I absolutely know that I would not be the owner of my piano today. They have remained professional, helpful and have gone to great lengths to accommodate me in every sense, even down to sending a car to the pick my mother and I up so we could view the piano again and talk about the financial arrangements. The overriding bonus is this: they are musicians themselves so they understand the relationship between a musician and their instrument and they treat that with respect. In essence they are not just salesmen, they share the passion of a pianist. The quality of Pleyel is legendary and my rebuilt 3bis grand piano does not disappoint. Having been completely rebuilt to the Pleyel specifications, the rich, deep tone and light touch boasts the craftsmanship that has gone into restoring my magnificent Piano. Every one of my pupils have been wowed into silence on hearing the quality of the sound for the first time, it cannot be described in words the beauty of the sound."

Louise Hingston, purchaser of Pleyel grand piano from Grand Passion Pianos

“I played the rosewood Steinway that you brought to the Music Education Expo and it was truly the most beautiful piano I have ever played. The touch and the sound quality was so utterly lovely and unlike anything modern. I am a pianist and Head of Music at a large prep school. You are doing some amazing work".

Mrs J Cross, head of music at a secondary school

"Beautifully restored Pleyel, both aesthetically and in colour / timbre. Great evenness of tone throughout and the response to touch and pedalling was exemplary, a joy to play."

Fiachra Garvey, Irish concert pianist