Grand Passion Pianos is the only piano company in the UK that specialises solely in grand pianos – and exclusively from the makers Steinway & Sons and Pleyel. By focussing on grand pianos and the two brands which we have determined to offer the best options for our customers, we have developed leading independent brand capability. Each piano make has its own secrets, and it is simply not possible to rebuild to the highest level attainable without specialist expertise and without engaging the right master craftsman. Although we offer both modern and rebuilt instruments, we are known, in particular, for our meticulous rebuilding of early twentieth century pianos.

We were incredibly fortunate to find such a unique and well restored Steinway piano with Grand Passion Pianos.  It looks and sounds fantastic.  The service provided by Muzz and the team was also impeccable and we would gladly recommend Grand Passion Pianos to our dearest friends and family 

Mr and Mrs Sikkens, Buckinghamshire

Purchasers of Steinway grand piano





Tonal quality varies wonderfully with touch and volume and pianissimo is easily achieved without the una corda that, when used, serves to add yet further colour to this instrument’s infinite palette.

Patrick Selley, describing the Pleyel 6'8" grand piano purchased from Grand Passion Pianos


Our pianos are displayed at our central London locations. We can send a car to collect you from a train station. At ease, we can leave you alone with one of our instruments, completely undisturbed for however long you would like to play. Although viewing is currently by appointment, we encourage anyone with an interest in the piano to schedule a time to come and see us - all are very welcome. 


Grand Passion Pianos believes that many of the world’s best pianos were built at the end of the nineteenth century and the early twentieth century. At this time an incredible number of piano makers created the correct competitive tension to ensure that the top makers were building incredible pianos in order to maintain their elite status. Master craftsmen and a choice of tone woods from a Europe covered in forest also ensured that pianos of this era possessed a magical quality now lost, before the World Wars irreversibly changed the piano world forever. We seek out examples of both Steinways and Pleyels from this era, from all over the world for rebuilding to concert standard in our workshops. 


Nothing about our pianos is “generic” or homogenised. We view each piano individually and carefully consider the choice of strings, choice of hammer felt, method of soundboard renovation, choice of actions parts – and much more – which will make that piano a instrument of the very highest calibre whilst remaining faithful to the original specification of the piano maker. We have detailed knowledge of the specifications of each model of Steinway and Pleyel drawn from our study of these instruments, as well as archive and industry materials in our extensive internal archive. 

All of our pianos are supplied with a guarantee and interest free credit is available. 

You can see some further pictures of our pianos and activities in the Instragram feed below.