Grand Passion Pianos is an independent specialist piano boutique presenting the finest example of Steinway and Pleyel grand pianos. We take pianos from the best era of piano manufacturing (1895 - 1930), choosing the finest materials and engaging proven master craftsmen to produce exceptional pianos. 

By specialising in just two makes, we have been able to develop leading expertise in all models of Steinway and Pleyel pianos. Each piano make has its own secrets, and it is simply not possible to rebuild to the highest level attainable without specialist expertise and without engaging the right master craftsman. 

We do not use conventional showrooms. We display each of our pianos in art galleries, in private homes and at pop-up events in and around London. With no set opening or closing times, we can arrange a viewing at any time that is convenient for you, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We can send a car to collect you from a train station. At ease, we can leave you alone with one of our instruments, completely undisturbed for however long you would like to play. We will be opening a pop-up shop in August 2017 to showcase our latest pianos. Please email us at for further details. 


Grand Passion Pianos believes that many of the world’s best pianos were built at the end of the nineteenth century and the early twentieth century. At this time an incredible number of piano makers created the correct competitive tension to ensure that the top makers were building incredible pianos in order to maintain their elite status. Master craftsmen and a choice of tone woods from a Europe covered in forest also ensured that pianos of this era possessed a magical quality now lost, before the World Wars irreversibly changed the piano world forever.


Nothing about our pianos is “generic” or homogenised. We view each piano individually and carefully consider the choice of strings, choice of hammer felt, method of soundboard renovation, choice of actions parts – and much more – which will make that piano a instrument of the very highest calibre. When you buy from Grand Passion Pianos, you are buying an instrument that we have worked on for hundreds of hours. 

All of our pianos are supplied with a guarantee and interest free credit is available. 

You can see some further pictures of our pianos and activities in the Instragram feed below. 

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