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Piano cabinet finishes

Ever since high gloss black became the conventional colour for concert grand pianos in a concert venue fifty years ago, the high gloss black cabinet finish has been very popular in the home too. At Grand Passion Pianos we offer pianos in high gloss black - particularly our Steinway grand pianos. However, whilst high gloss black pianos can look stunning in a suitable monochrome setting, there is a vast range of beautiful alternatives too which are particularly well suited to the domestic setting.

Steinway Model O in high gloss black

A high gloss black piano is a commanding presence in a room. This makes this finish ideal for the concert hall where attention is focussed on the piano notwithstanding the vast scale of the concert space. However finishing a piano in high gloss black for the home environment does not stem from the same rationale and can conflict with internal design which does not incorporate or complement monochrome colours.

Pleyel Modele D in figured rosewood

At Grand Passion Pianos our workshops are fully equipped to offer a wide range of exotic wood finishes, such as on-trend macassar ebony, figured rosewood, ziricote, apple wood or burr walnut. For strikingly modern interiors we can even finish pianos in metals, glass or crystal.


Pleyel Modele 3 in diamond matched rosewood

So if you would like a piano which complements your home, your personality and your design ethos, we would be delighted to discuss the possibilities with you.

We can also visit your home to recommend a piano finish which we consider will optimally complement a particular space or design scheme. In this way, the piano becomes an integral addition to your home and blends seamlessly into your world.

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