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  • Miles M. Shah

A sound investment - a Pleyel grand piano

Buying a grand piano is a major investment and it is therefore important to choose a piano with lasting value. Grand Passion Pianos specialises in only two brands – Steinway and Pleyel – which are notably of investment-grade. In particular, the value of Pleyel pianos on the secondary market is one of the key attractions of this piano brand.

At the December 2019 quarterly piano auction at Conway hall the most expensive piano sold was a Pleyel duo-clave – Pleyel’s unique model of piano with a keyboard at both ends of a shared cabinet with two full acoustic mechanisms contained within a single instrument. This example from 1939 sold for £42,000 – more than any Steinway grand piano offered in this sale. An example of a Pleyel duo-clave is pictured below:

A Pleyel "duoclave"

One of the most expensive pianos ever sold was also a Pleyel grand piano. At Christie’s auction house in 1995, an art cased Pleyel grand piano sold for a staggering £1,265,000, evidencing the inherent value and desirability of this brand of piano.

Other notable auction sales in recent years include:

  • EURO269,600 for a Pleyel baby grand piano in an Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann designed cabinet;

  • UK£49,081 for an art case upright Pleyel piano; and

  • US$78,000 for a Pleyel grand piano in an art case by Dumontier.

By choosing a restored Pleyel grand piano from Grand Passion Pianos, you are not only acquiring a musical instrument of the very highest standing but also an asset of lasting value.

To find out more about our Pleyel grand piano selection or to visit our atelier please email us at

We look forward to welcoming you in 2020.

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